“Grappling Federation of India (GFI)” is the National Governing Body for Grappling Sports in India to control and develop Grappling Sport in India. Only GFI is recognized as a National Governing body for Grappling Sports in India by United World Wrestling- UWW which is the International Federation for Grappling & Wrestling Sports. Grappling Federation of India is the permanent independent National Federation for Grappling which is duly recognized by United World Wrestling- UWW & UWW Asia.

The Grappling Federation of India works on behalf of all levels of Grappling, men and women, to reinvigorate the sport’s grass roots, develop youth and elite Grappling and create new opportunities for semi-pro and pro-Grappling. In India Grappling sports has been included in All India Inter-University Games (AIU) & School National Games (SGFI).

GFI’s vision for also embraces and adheres to the spirit and values of the Olympic Movement. With these values, GFI ensures the highest levels of transparent standards including for all of our global competitions, rankings, judging and Grapplings’ remuneration.

By encouraging and supporting Grapplers from grassroots all the way up to elite competition and onwards to a secure pro-Grappling career, we believe that future generations of Grapplers will be encouraged to join the sport.

The Mission of Grappling Federation of India is to unify and organize existing all Associations, clubs  that share the vision of reaching Government & Olympic greatness while preserving the unique history, culture, philosophy, and lineage. GFI believes that together, the GFI with its State Associations will continue to develop the growing network of like minded members who envision greater opportunities for our Athletes of Grappling as we believe that our athletes deserve an equal right to Governments and Olympic events greatness.

Recognized By:

South Asian Grappling Committee (SAGC)  & Asian Grappling Committee (AGC)
United World Wrestling-UWW World Grappling Committee & UWW Asia
UWW Recognized To: International Olympic Committee (IOC) & OCA
General Assocciation of International Sports Federations (GAISF)
Grappling Recognised By: School Games Federation of India (SGFI) & Association of Indian Universities (AIU)


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Mr. Nenad Lalovic, President-UWW & Mr. Rizvan Bochakaev – President-UWW World Grappling Committee


Mrs. Rodica Yaksi (President-UWW ASO) & GFI CEO Shiv K. Panchal

Sports Accords World Combat Games 

“Grappling is Regular Sports”

held under the patronage of

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

IOC World Combat Games

Asian Indoor Games

World Police Games

SGFI National School Games

All India University Games (AIU)

GAISF (Sports Accords) is recognized organization of International Olympic Committee (IOC) with the mission and vision as follows:

GAISF is the UNION for both Olympic and Non-Olympic International Sports Federations as well as organisers of International Sporting events.


Mr. Lenad Lalovic- President UWW & Mr. Shiv K.Panchal Secretary-General- GFI


Mr. Rizvan Bochakaev- President UWW- WGC & Mr. Shiv K.Panchal- GFI Secretary General

Government Letters

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CM grapping federation of india
Sports Minister Message-GFI


92 Full Members: international sports federations governing specific sports worldwide.

16 Associate Members: Organisations which conduct activities closely related to the International Sports Federations.

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